Revealed; Get Instant 5000 usdt worth Millions in just a single deal

Revealed; Get Instant 5000 usdt worth Millions in just a single deal

As my bio implies.

“Money Making Instructor” I always find it best to bring deals and updates that will benefit people and the youth at large.

Yes and Yes


I will be talking about making millions in crypto in under 10 minutes using the tether coin for investment.


Without much Ado,

How will this happen ???


• How does it work

• Is there any strings attached

• How will I get my 5000 usdt

• Any proof this isn’t scam

How does it work ?

You all should have known what is tether coin (Usdt).

It is a token that worth one USD (1 dollar) but named usdt (USD tether).

So one tether is almost or equivalent to 1 dollar.

So How This Will Work Is.

I have an account on FAXFUL (FAXFUL is a usdt investment site where you get a percentage of your invested tether daily) and my tether coin amount is more than 600,000 usdt (You can convert it to naira yourself) and now,

600,000 usdt


Am the one wanting to give anyone interested up to 5000 usdt (Yes, am the one going to give you 5000 or more than 5000 usdt based on your trust deal)


And so,before I can gift you the 5000 usdt. I’ll give you an already registered account on FAXFUL also (But before you can gift a FAXFUL member any usdt, the member must be upgraded to vip1)

Receiving account must be upgraded to vip1


And to upgrade to vip1 ,it’s just a total of 50 usdt.



Is there any strings attached ?

This is going to be a fair deal between us,

And it is going to work based on your trust level, We aren’t going to run away with each other fund.


How will I get my 5000 usdt ?

As said earlier !

Because everyone keep asking,when I have up to hundreds of thousands of usdt,what did I want to use 50 usdt to do ?

And that’s why I explained that.

To gift a FAXFUL member usdt, the member must be upgraded to vip1

And why I want it to be transferred on FAXFUL to the member is that,the account I’ll give you will be registered through my link so when you upgrade with 50 usdt , you’ll be given an added 50 usdt (That’s wow)

This is what 5000 usdt is worth in naira


So yours is to.

Dm me for deal

Upgrade the FAXFUL account I’ll give you to vip 1 with 50 usdt (I can save you the stress of upgrading because youl need to send transfer screenshot proof)

And then tell me done and reply with your own Trust wallet, Huobi, Klever, Metamask Usdt wallet address and then 5000 usdt will be on its way to your account .


Any proof this isn’t scam ??

It depends on what you think about it,

People who know me well knows I won’t even want to scam anyone,so as not to spoil my reputation.

After explaining deeply to people,they understand me immediately and know it will work, but they don’t have up to 50 usdt and they told me they’ll sure get back to me.

And to prove this isn’t scam, I said it that am the one that’s going to send you the 5000 usdt and the account you’re sending your 50 usdt on isn’t associated with me and I cant interfere with the sent amount since you’re immediately going to use it to upgrade .

Let’s Get Started @ WhatsApp Chat

More details in my dm

I bet you’ll thank me and refer as much as you can to me.

This will surely make you millions

My Trust wallet


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